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  • Server Setup

    The Bundion server has been set up and a preview version has been hosted. This is available for a guided tour to any interested investors. The plan is for early in the new year to make this available to the public where the free version will be available for beta testing. As the product currently…

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  • What is the Bundion System?

    The System is a new service that has been designed to ease the pain of development estimates and accurate billing. Where many systems guess how long something will take, knows, giving the most accurate data possible. Usable by individual contributors and freelancers, or by large corporations, the System keeps an accurate record of who is…

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  • Welcome to the Bundion News

    The System now has a registered domain: This is the place to go (apart from the bottom of this post) if you want to sign up to hear the latest about the System, be a Beta tester (all Beta testers receive a free, one year Company level subscription, suitable for a small business of…

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